Triple Morris Chair

Morris Chairs are shipped knock down in specially designed boxes with simple instructions for easy assembly. Chairs come standard with a slatted solid wood seat for which cushions may be ordered. Named for William Morris, English Poet, painter and craftsman who pioneered the production of functional furniture of a rural type in the 19th Century, we have developed the design into a very strong and practical chair that can be ‘knocked down’ for easy transport or storage.

This beautiful, very comfortable chair is an essential addition to your home veranda or patio, particularly as a set of two with a double or triple Morris Chairs and a fine Savanna Wood coffee table and side tables.

Seat Depth

Seat Width

600mm (24")

1800mm (72")

Please note: we offer special prices for wholesale or large orders.

Harvested Zambezi Teak Info
This delightful three seater version of our very popular Morris Chair is handmade from solid sustainably harvested Zambezi Teak. An investment of a lifetime that will give many years of happy lounging. Great to curl up on with a good book knowing you’re sitting on some of the finest timber in the world, superbly constructed into a splendid Savanna Wood Morris chair.

The timber used to manufacture your masterpiece is probably the finest timber utilised anywhere in the world to make furniture, extremely hard with a fine, close grain and deep, rich natural colour. Zambezi Teak is a very dense, and therefore hard, wood. It is sometimes mistaken for Asian, Indian or Indonesian teak, which is a completely different species. Our Zambezi Teak is very much harder and more difficult to work. However, because it is so hard it is extremely resistant to biological attack and physical ware and tare, and will last, if looked after, for many hundreds of years. Savanna Wood furniture is designed by professionals to give a uniquely attractive product. The style reflects the massive strength and enhances the beautiful grain and coloring of the timber used. None of our products are stained and filled to hide blemishes or poor workmanship. We prefer the character of a beautiful, honest piece of furniture lovingly and painstakingly fashioned by hand.