Coffee Table with Drawers

Using the finest dovetail joinery, our designers have brought you a magnificent piece of furniture, expertly constructed of premium Zambezi Teak. Functionality is key here as this large coffee table also comes with two wide drawers, providing handy storage space for small collectables. It will fit comfortably in most rooms. Sadly, this piece is not available with turned legs.

On its fringes in Southern Africa, the Kalahari Desert has given life to the immense forests of Matabeleland and it is precisely here where the healthy timber, used to produce your Savanna Wood product, is harvested. One of the hardwood trees to be found in these forests is the Baikiaea plurijuga, a.k.a. Zambezi Teak.

The raw timber from these trees provides some of the most durable wood in the world. Its hardiness combined with its intense rich colour make Zambezi Teak the ideal wood with which to craft your beloved coffee table.





Please note: we offer special prices for wholesale or large orders.